Century Wood Products Inc has been operating since 1997 when Jim Stienstra seized an opportunity to source and process reclaimed timber for export to The Netherlands. After humble beginnings Jim partnered with Pete Van Veen in hopes of finding success by providing this unique product for a more local market. Work began in a small building near Fergus, Ontario outfitted with a small wood mizer saw. Local marketing began shortly after, and with the addition of a full time sales person, Bill Van Veen and Century Wood Products Inc became of age.

Over the years Century Wood Products Inc has steadily expanded its markets. The company has also recently expanded operations by moving into a larger, new facility near Orangeville. While Century Wood Products Inc is poised for a successful future there is a keen awareness that success is based, in part, on always having one foot firmly planted in the past.


  • Jim Stienstra
    Jim Stienstra President and Founder
  • Pete Van Veen
    Pete Van Veen Partner
  • Bill Van Veen
    Bill Van Veen Sales Manager